Professional design-build services from Kooner Construction delivers design and construction services under one contract with a single point of responsibility. It’s an approach that provides you with innovation, accountability, convenience and a highly effective springboard for teaming up many services all at once.

Innovation fused with construction

Build using the latest methods and products, be informed quickly of cost implications, and navigate away from potential problems before a project starts. It all adds up to a smart choice that gets inspiring results.

Single-source accountability

This is an approach that lends itself to teamwork, cooperation and a clear line-of-command on every project. It means when you choose Kooner Construction for design-build services, you get single-source accountability working for you.

Fewer steps for you

When you work with construction experts, architects and design professionals at the same time, it’s a convenience that can give you a kick-start on your project - helping you cover more ground in less time to get your building ready for business.

Team power

With Kooner Construction, your design-build team delivers insight and peace-of-mind. From helping you avoid contractual risks to navigating common contract conditions, plus financial and other legal considerations, we work to help keep you covered.